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Our Leathers

Responsible sourcing.

All our leather styles are made with vegetable-tanned aniline lambskin from Leather Working Group and Tannery (LWG). Basically, this means that we have made a conscious choice about the materials we work with and prioritize meaningful and traceable processes.

Being an LWG certified tannery means that the tannery agreed to follow strict environmental compliances, which among other things, focuses o on ecological impacts like management and use of water, chemical handling, responsible sourcing, and traceability. We have traced one of our own styles. You can read about it if you click this link.


What is vegetable tanned leather and how does it differ from chrome-tanned?

Vegetable-tanned refers to the method used in the tanning process, which turns raw skins into usable leather. It is called 'vegetable' because of the natural extracts used in the tanning process, such as chestnuts, bark, and other natural tannin-containing ingredients. It is the tannins that do the trick because these easily bind to the proteins.

The magic happens when the tannins penetrate the cells and replacing themselves with the liquid in the skin.  The water would have dehydrated the skin. Instead, the tannins give the leather its flexibility. 

Like all natural materials that deserve a moment to be sensed properly, leather is no exception. So what gives the leather its unique scent, and what does 'real' leather smells like? These are classic questions and comments I hear people state when talking about leather. To answer this, we'll have to take a quick step back to how it is tanned...

The short answer: Vegetable-tanned leather gets its unique scent of wooden tones from the natural ingredients, while chromium tanned leather gets its scent from chemical 'tannins'. The tannins are the critical factor in this process, whether they are natural or chemical.

A lot of talk about tannins, but what exactly are tannins? Well, Tannins are a natural molecule that you most likely know when talking about wine. It is the tannins that cause the dry feeling in your mouth when you drink wine. The tannins in wine come from the grapes' skin, just as the tannins for tanned leather come from the bark of trees, chestnuts etc.

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