Our Zippers

Our zippers are a vital part of your bag... Imagine that you just bought the coolest jacket or the cutest bag with the perfect color and texture. And then snap, the zipper breaks before you even flaunt it to your friends. Does this sound familiar? Maybe, you recognize the picture below...?!


Broken metal zipper 

This is obviously not a Peganpoetry bag, but a fast-fashion or mass-produced product, where the zippers are more likely to break. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of low-budget products, where cost-cutting is the priority for many brands.

In most cases, mass-producers will cut the costs of small features like zippers because it is more difficult for the customer to tell the difference – until they start zipping. As a designer, I experienced this problem countless times, working with both large and small brands.

So, what’s the alternative?

Let's take a look at our Jada Leather Bumbag and why a quality zipper makes a difference for this style...

Conscious designers obsess over quality and perfection in every aspect of their products down to the tiniest feature. They insist on high-quality zippers and invest in tried-and-tested technologies to deliver. Yes, zippers are small, but they are also vital to the functionality of the product. Can you carry your valuables in a cross-body bag with a broken zipper? No, right?

A high-quality bag with a broken zipper is worthless. It’s like a mansion with broken door locks. Regardless of cost, zippers should be made to last. This obsession with perfection is the founding principle of Peganpoetry.

Ykk natulon metal zippers 

Our Core Values goes beyond the quality of its zippers. We also wish to leave a smaller footprint on the planet. We aim to create designs, that you can carry with a clear conscience.  When you buy a Peganpoetry’s bag, they are all made with high-quality and eco-consciously zippers from YKK's sustainable series NATULON®. These NATULON® zippers are made from recycled plastic (PET) collected from the world's oceans.

For every 10,000 zippers, the company recycles about 3,600 plastic bottles. It reduces the demand for virgin plastic, encourages the recycling of plastic bottles, and contributes to the cleanup of polluted marine ecosystems. Jada Bum bags and YKK recycled zippers are both produced within the same region, which reduces transport and keeps Peganpoetry’s CO2 emission low. These small actions means the world to us, because all small step counts.

Being eco-conscious means you have to strike a balance in every aspect of life, right down to your zippers. YKK NATULON® recycled zippers can help you cut down your plastic consumption. This is very important because plastic is a major polluter globally, and especially in the world oceans. Plastic bottles take about 450 years to decompose. Combating plastic pollution requires concerted efforts. While a zipper may seem so small, the accumulated reduction in plastic pollution over time is enormous. 

 chemical recyceld ykk zipper life cycle


YKK NATULON® recycled zippers are high-quality, eco-consciously, reliable, durable, and certified. You will never have to replace the zipper on your Jada leather bumbag, which makes it friendly to both your pocket and the environment. Peganpoetry has worked hard to integrate YKK zippers on its Jada Bum bags without compromising the bags’ unique design. Of course, the long process of adopting sustainable materials is costly. But as a customer-centric and eco-conscious designer, I cannot put a price on customer satisfaction and the protection of common sense. You can also join Peganpoetry’s inspirational journey and help us grow in the right direction. 


YKK is not the only quality zipper brand, but I have been working with YKK zippers in over a decade and is my favorite zipper brand. Other quality zipper brands worth mention, are SBS or RIRI