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Peganpoetry's bags are designed in Denmark and produced with a certified supplier in India. Our mission is to create beautiful and functional bags that with love and good care will age with grace and last for many years.

We love good qualities and not least the history behind them. Therefor a bag is not just a bag, but a combination of functionality and aesthetics. 

We know it get a little nerdy, but that's because we put our soul and devotion in making our bags. Our bags are also created with care and respect for the environment, and made in vegetable tanned leather, from LWG certified tanneries. This way we leave a smaller impact on the environment, compared to conventional brands that don’t chose sustainable processes.

All our bags are created from the brand's DNA, in a fusion of feminine and Nordic minimalism with playful details. Peganpoetry's signature bag is our bum bag, also knowns as a belt bag, fanny pack or simply a crossbody. See also our other beautiful bags for women here…