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Every woman needs a good wallet!

But finding the perfect match can be difficult, as we are met with a jungle of options that not always combines our individual needs for function and style.
We have listed of few tips to consider, that can help you on your way...




1. Size

Often we fall in love with a style because of how it looks. But for a wallet that carries our most essential styles every day, it needs to meet our individual practical needs, and keep our items safe! With this said, then you need to consider size, function, and purpose.

Be realistic, maybe even do a 'spring-cleaning' of your wallet before answering this question! The size of the wallet should be based on what you put in it, but also how you carry it or what you carry it in. Consider if you need your wallet to fit your pocket, going-out bags, everyday bags, or maybe all of them? 

Like me, you might have had different types and sizes matching the needs at the time you've bought it? I Have had both tiny, large, and actually not so many mid-size wallets.

So when designing Keira Wallet, I made a cross-need based on my wallet experience. The result matches my everyday need - And Yes, I needed to do a spring clean. However, I carry everything I need as a mom and woman. When I travel, I have a different wallet that fulfills my needs for this purpose.  

2. Your 'wallet-style'

There is no doubt that a wallet is a more personal item than a handbag. Not only does it quite literally hold your identity and valuables, but you (most likely) carry it everywhere you go. A wallet is like a visual ID...

Maybe you are 100% conscious about your 'wallet style' or maybe you haven't given it much thought? Wallets are available in almost every color, shape, and style. If looking back, maybe your wallet style has changed size, type, or style?

So take a second, and think about how and where you use your wallet. which is most important - Design, price, or quality? Classic, colorful, trendy, minimalistic, extravagant, or maybe ethical?

Personally, I like it when practical and style are combined. I need a wallet that fit my bags, has room for my everyday needs, easy to use without everything is falling out (So embarrassing - And yes, I have tried this).  

3. Budget

When you have cleared your needs and styles, you'll need to consider how much! You can find a wallet at almost all price points, so you'll need to consider what type of material you like.

The choice of material, and how-it's-made, influence the price. Non-leathers, like textile or artificial leather, generally won't last as long as a wallet made in genuine leather.

Consider 'investing' in your wallet and remember it is probably your most used item! A wallet is a NEED, so why not make it a NICE-NEEDED item...

4. Ethics

Ask yourself if it is essential to you if your wallet has an ethical profile? To some, this is important. Others see it as an asset or bonus but not essential, and last some don't think about it. 

Is it essential to you who made your wallet? Or if it's made without harmful chemicals? Whatever your answer is, it is worth considering if this is nice or a need to you!

By: Stina Birthe, Founder of Peganpoetry.

What makes the perfect wallet?

...We can't answer that for you, because we know that needs and style are individual.

Let us instead show you our take on a wallet design that combines practicality with a timeless and stylish design.

Meet 'Kiera Wallet', our 'first-born' wallet.

Product Highlights

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Veg-tan Leather

Vegetable-tanned full-grain lamb leather. Non-toxic, durable, biodegradable, and keeps developing a unique patina. 

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Recyled zippers

YKK NATULON® durable zippers, made from ocean-sourced plastic and PET bottles. 

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Practical design

Wallet size to fit your everyday needs and bags. Soft addictive touch. Timeless, minimalistic design.

Founder image

Timeless design

Keira wallet has been a part of Peganpoetry since the very beginning and has been refined along the way, but we have kept its graphic and timeless design.

This wallet is designed to fit most bags, and has a zip-around function, to keep your items safely guarded.

The puffy quilted panels guarantee you a super soft and comfortable hand feel.  

Safe & Zipped 

From experience, we know that somethings can not be compromised. It's a fact that Ykk has some of the most used zippers worldwide because of its durable and flexible zippers.

This wallet has metal zippers from Ykk's sustainable line NATULON®, which means the zippers are sustainable and made from recycled materials such as ocean-sourced plastic. 

Product image
Founder image

Practical size

Press play and see what Peganpoetry's founder, 'Stina Birthe' carries in her wallet.


Vegetable-tanned leather gets its unique character and wooden tones from the natural ingredients.

The tanning method is free of harmful chemicals as chromium and acids, making it recyclable and biodegradable.

The durable leather will grow a natural and unique patina over time, making it shinier and darken the color. On black colors, you will experience a more saturated and deep black.

Product image
Product image

How to treat your  leather wallet...

If you wish to keep your leather wallet vibrant and soft, you must avoid unnecessary exposure to water, sunlight and treat it with leather balm.

Everyday occurrences such as aging, sunlight, humidity, and general wear can change your leather products. Much like your own skin, leather needs to be moisturized and cared for to prevent it from drying out or cracking. 

Meet the founder

The woman behind Peganpoetry.

A great design is much more than meets the eye. I usually compare it with an iceberg as you never see what's underneath or behind.

To me, a great design is a perfect merge of knowledge, intuition, and awareness. But also ethics, cultural understanding, respect, and curiosity for exploring new possibilities.

I have been working with design and production for more than ten years, and with every new development unfolds new hidden amazements.

Stina Birthe, Founder of Peganpoetry.