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Peganpoetry is a Danish jewelry and accessory brand based on holistic beliefs and sustainable values. Our qualities are always the result of knowledge and integrity in all steps from material to process and made with an obsessive attention to the detail.


Our DNA is a merge of Nordic simplicity and feminine fashion, creating functional designs made of high quality and sustainable sourced materials.


Peganpoetry brand is slow fashion, which basically means that we produce in a natural pace, without overproducing and wasting precious resources on deadstock. Sustainability and mass-production don't go hand in hand, because sustainability is much more that just using a 'political correct' material. 


We want to be a part, of a positive change !


peganpoetry stina birthe


Peganpoetry was founded in fall 2019, by Stina Birthe who has a background as designer and product developer since 2007.