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The idea behind Peganpoetry was to create a natural merge between design and sustainability.

Fashion first, but with a sustainable point of view! This means that we must constantly set new objectives in order to develop and become even better.

Our approach in everything we do is based on holistic beliefs and values about how we to treat environment and people around us.

Sustainability is a lot of things, but overall it's a reminder that we need to get better at looking after our beautiful planet. The choice of suppliers and sourcing of materials therefore have a great importance, in order to make it all succeed. When we choose suppliers and materials, we evaluate how raw materials are extracted and processed and, how to avoid harmful chemicals, durability, recycling, human rights and working conditions.



Now what’s that? Peganpoetry cooperates with, who provides reusable, recycled and returnable packaging. The packages are made of durable and recycled materials, which can be reused up to 30 times.

We simply love this concept, which is why we offers this as a standard packaging, free of charge for all deliveries within Denmark.

How does it work
When you receive your order from, fold your Re-Zip package into letter size and post it at any PostNord drop of / mailbox. It is free to return the Re-Zip package. As soon as Re-Zip receives your returned packing, they will send you an email with a 10% discount, for your next purchase at